Friday, August 20, 2010


this past spring i took a class from jon canlas at UVU. the class was called wedding photography boot camp, this obviously isn't wedding related, but for those who know him knows that he is huge on shooting personal work. both because it helps you refine your vision and because you shouldn't only pick up your camera when you are getting paid. one of our assignments he gave us was composition. when i was deciding what to shoot i wanted to put limits on myself geographically and to shoot something familiar. i ended up shooting the hall of UVU where i spend copious amount of time studying.


genessee said...

hey, tavis! we met at find sd. these are wonderful! composition is strong for sure! :)

Nancyd said...

You really have a way of making something ordinary look artisic. Looks like you've earned an A grade on these.

Carly said...

these are really great tavis!